Hungarian entrepreneurs on the cusp of international export success

Encouraged by the resounding success of its Masters of Business Budapest event last year and the positive feedback from Hungarian business executives, the Hungarian National Trading House hosted a new edition of its professional event. This time, representatives from nearly 150 partner companies had hundreds of targeted face-to-face talks with some 50 trading house directors.

The purpose of the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) is to enhance the exporting ability of Hungarian SMEs and to create opportunities for them to achieve good export results. Recommending competitive Hungarian businesses to international markets on a regular basis, by organising and implementing specific business talks, are part and parcel of MNKH’s efforts.

Given the success and resounding positive feedback of its Masters of Business Budapest event organised last year, the Trading House hosted a new edition of the business forum with the participation of almost 150 corporate partners, as well as some 50 of its own trade offices based overseas. Hungarian company executives benefitted from hundreds of targeted face-to-face business meetings, exploring new market destinations and specific business opportunities in addition to bolstering their network of international contacts during the event.

“The very first time Masters of Business took place was last year. It is a unique endeavour. By inviting our trading houses to take part, we are bringing business opportunities to Hungarian entrepreneurs who can effectively save on the resources, time and energy that they would normally need in order to seek out new customers. By facilitating hundreds of face-to-face business meetings, we aim to help our key partners find the foreign trade information and opportunities that will ultimately enable them to realize specific export deals in growing numbers”, commented Gábor Kun, Deputy CEO of the Hungarian National Trading House.

MNKH attaches great importance to enhancing the competitiveness of Hungarian companies located in the Carpathian Basin, invigorating cross-border Hungarian-Hungarian cooperation, and by doing so the emergence of a single economic space in the Carpathian Basin. For this reason, the Trading House facilitated the participation of 15 Hungarian partner companies from neighbouring countries, who were also involved in face-to-face talks.

“If we are serious about establishing a single and competitive economic space in the Carpathian Basin, it is essential that once Hungarian companies in neighbouring countries are able to increase their production capacities, they have access to new target markets in order to expand their exports. Masters of Business Budapest is an excellent means to achieve this since these entrepreneurs can learn about the markets in almost 50 countries at the same time as building their international contacts, all in the course of a single day. In addition, this event also fosters new forms of cooperation in production processes in partnership with companies based in Hungary itself, as well as mapping out possibilities for creating joint product pools that are marketable on a global level”, said Zsanett Oláh, CEO of the Hungarian National Trading House.

MNKH paid particular attention to key industries during preparations for the event, making sure that participating sectors fully reflect the Hungarian national economy’s export capacities. As a result, most business executives in attendance were representatives of the agriculture and food industry, health care, mechanical engineering, environment industry and IT sectors. 

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