Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Vehicle Industry

Mechanical Engineering

Hungarian mechanical engineering has an important intellectual capital involved, as highlighted by internationally recognised engineering studies, countless patents in mechanical engineering, and the excellence that Hungarian subsidiaries of large international manufacturers have come to represent.

The products and services offered by Hungarian mechanical engineering have a great reputation in many countries worldwide. This is mainly explained by a combination of the experiences gained by Hungarian industry players on the German market and the creativity and competence of Hungarian engineers as embodied in innovations and unique solutions.

Over 90% of mechanical engineering production is aimed for external markets.  The development and manufacturing of equipment parts, unique special-purpose machinery, goods handling devices, water machines, and machines for use in agriculture, grain processing, the food, pharmaceutical and woodworking industries, packaging, forestry and machine tools are considered to be particularly strong in Hungary.

Electronics Industry

Electronics is a flagship sector in the Hungarian national economy, and one that is built on great traditions. In the ‘90s the appearance of capital intensive foreign investors in the sector brought radical change and facilitated the adoption of modern technologies and an advanced manufacturing culture. The Hungarian electronics industry is expressly export oriented, which is highlighted by the fact that 90-93% of goods manufactured in the country are purchased by foreign buyers.

The sector is characterised by a duality of export markets. While Western Europe is the primary and traditional market for manufacturing service providers active in key segments within the industry, when it comes to individually developed products that are manufactured in small or medium volumes (e.g. measuring instruments, lighting solutions) the outlets are essentially the markets in neighbouring countries and those outside of the European Union.

Many electronics companies concluded successful export transactions with the assistance of the Hungarian National Trading House. Priority international trade shows such as Electronica or Middle East Electricity, where the Hungarian National Trading House facilitated the presence of Hungarian manufacturers and developers, have played a key role in these achievements.

 Vehicle Industry

The vehicle industry serves as an engine for the Hungarian economy. Hungary’s competitive advantage within Europe comes from the country’s inexpensive, flexibly employable and efficient labour force, and quick and cheap access to the main markets.


Alongside the successful automotive sector, there are many outstanding Hungarian companies operating in other areas of the vehicle industry, such as manufacturing of buses or trains, ship building and other specialised vehicles.


In all the above areas one can observe the favourable characteristics and features of the Hungarian vehicle industry that are promoted on external markets by the Hungarian National Trading House. These are as follows:


  • Completed vehicles
  • Ability and willingness for cooperation in manufacturing
  • Fittings and components exports
  • Technology
  • High level of knowledge in renovation and maintenance
  • Outstanding design and engineering skills
  • Great value for money
  • Innovative capacity and electromobility

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