Environmental Industry

Due to continuous technological advancements, the development of regional areas and communities, changes in consumer demand, and the negative global effects of climate change and environmental disasters the amounts of tasks imposed on the environment industry is steadily increasing.

This sector, including water management and waste management, thus plays a key part in today’s global economy, but also in urban planning on a regional level. 

Water Management

Beyond its physiological role, water has been shaping Hungary’s development in terms of agriculture, food production, transport and energy production. This explains the solid knowledge base we historically hold in this field, making Hungarian solutions related to water management sought after internationally.

By combining engineering services of Hungarian companies and available Hungarian technologies we are able to offer our foreign partners  comprehensive and internationally competitive solutions that are sustainable, modern and in conformity with environmental regulations, in all areas of water management such as flood management, flood protection, water purification, waste water treatment, irrigation, energy production (hydropower and geothermal energy), geological exploration, water consumption, balneology and water drilling.

We provide Hungarian water management solutions to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, among others.

Waste Management

As a consequence of the country’s accession to the European Union, waste management in Hungary underwent a major transformation. Conformity with the higher standards stipulated by new legislation, along with stricter procedures adjusted Hungarian waste management practices to the environmental expectations of the 21st century.

Due to technological innovations and outstanding professional expertise, the areas related to waste processing received an impetus and the procedures involved now represent world-class excellence, from collection, transport, recycling or waste disposal to the construction and operation of landfills. No wonder competitive Hungarian knowledge in this field is very much in demand in various parts of the world, since we propose innovative solutions that are excellent value for money and backed up by references.

Hungarian environmental protection solutions are especially in demand in the Balkans, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mexico, Laos and the Latin American region.

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